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Streamlined distribution operations and cost-effective solutions allow you to focus on YOUR business objectives. Our clients across Canada and the United States enjoy the benefits of our vast experience in warehousing, distribution, supply chain management and transportation. We offer:


Pick & Pack
Trust your product in our hands while taking advantage of domestic freight rates. Our trained personnel will respect your product as though it were their very own. Orders can be received via e-mail, EDI or any way you choose to send them. We carefully pick, pack and ship your orders to their destination utilizing the carrier of your choice.

Inventory Control
Monthly, weekly or even daily computerized inventory updates are available via fax or e-mail. Our recordkeeping is taken directly from your order document, thus ensuring accuracy.

Cross Docking

Keep products moving with a cross docking solution that reduces distribution costs.  We synchronize inbound and outbound shipping activities so that products flow directly from receiving to shipping areas in your distribution center or from a manufacturing facility direct to stores or customers.

Storage and Warehousing Solutions
Flexible storage offers flexible pricing. We can maximize your space, or guarantee square footage for your warehousing needs.

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